A Technicians Guide for Troubleshooting Oil Furnace Problems

The technical aspects of troubleshooting oil furnace problems are included in these fully illustrated guides. One deals directly with Oil Burners and the other with Home Oil Heating Systems.

For technical training in the field of Residential Oil boiler Repair.


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Oil Boiler Troubleshooting


The Complete Guide To Residential Oil Heating©









What is in this guide?

The Complete Guide to Residential Oil Heating

is a technical manual used in teaching  industry technicians. Various institutions make use of these guides in classroom study.
Chapter 1 begins with the basic oil boiler and the components that extend directly from it. From there, each component’s function is described and broken down into it’s subdivisions.
Chapter 2  focuses on annual cleaning and tune-up. It goes through the step by step process in detail. Special attentional is given to the oil burner, burner motor, fuel pump, pump coupling, fuel/oil filter, electronic ignitor, transformer, electrode rods, nozzle, end cone, blast tube, nozzle assembly, draft regulator, smoke pipe and plumbing.
Chapter 3  investigates problematic situations with detailed flow charts. Illustrations are added for each maintenance procedure.
Chapter 4  goes over  feed valves, zone valves, circulators, radiators, Extrol tank, expansion tank, flo-check valve, bleed valve, and pressure relief valves which are all heat distribution components. The air bleeding procedure is also included.
Chapter 5  is concerned with a much neglected topic in troubleshooting oil fired boilers; the electrical controls. These include, the thermostat, aquastats, primary control, sensors,  high limit control, stack relay, safety devices, and wiring. In order to really get an understanding, the illustrations are thoroughly detailed.
Chapter 6  has a parts check list and some Helpful Hints for the installer along with a  capacity chart for oil tanks. From new student, to classroom trainer, this guide provides each aspect of oil furnace troubleshooting with clarity and detail.

The Complete Guide to Residential Oil Heating  is direct and concise, going directly to the source of every problematic situation. From individual components to general oil boiler troubleshooting, it walks you through each step ion each process.

Should a student have only a fundamental understanding mechanics, with this guide and the aid of an instructor, there would be no problem that could not be diagnosed and then repaired.


The Complete Guide To Residential Oil Burners 4th Edition©


The Complete Guide To Residential Oil Burners 4th Edition©









The Complete Guide To Residential Oil Burners 4th Edition is also technical manual used in teaching  industry technicians. Both manuals can be found in home heating industry institutions.

With 116 pages of highly detailed drawings , the student, teacher or technician can easily troubleshoot and diagnose repair of oil burners.

It specifically targets five oil burner technologies:

Beckett AFII

• Beckett AFG,

•Riello R35

• Riello F40

Carlin EZ-Pro

By understanding these particular technologies, knowledge can be transferred in order to diagnose any other oil burner.

Tuning, service and troubleshooting diagrams are shown in complete detail. Step by step procedures are provided with flow charts that will enable the student or technician to walk through each process.Special attention is given to fuel delivery systems.

A whole chapter is devoted to how the oil pumps work. It goes further to explain servicing the pumps, setting pressure and troubleshooting.

The appendix describes tuning the oil burner to achieve the best maximum efficiency.

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